For "common" area, current plans are:

  • /cvmfs/
    • bootstrap -- area with spack bootstrap + lmod packages
    • upscommon -- area with spacktoups declares of /cvmfs/
    • common -- area with new spack installed packages

The idea is that you can use the common area (which has the upscommon and bootstrap areas as "upstreams") to access software needed.

ups support

The .../common area will be setup with the ups modules enabled, so adding /cvmfs/ to your $PRODUCTS environment variable will let
you use new spack-installed products via ups "setup". You don't need the .../upscommon/share/spack/upsdb in $PRODUCTS because those are just mirrors of the ups declarations in cvmfs/fermilab.../products/common.

local packages

You can make a new spack area using the above areas as upstreams to let you install packages locally.