cvmfs Layout

For "common" area, current plans are:

  • /cvmfs/ -- area with
    • new spack installed packages
    • spack_to_ups declares of /cvmfs/

The idea is that you can use the common area to access software needed.

ups support

The .../common area will be setup with the ups modules enabled, so adding /cvmfs/ to your $PRODUCTS2 environment variable will let
you use new spack-installed products via ups "setup".

local packages

You can make a new spack area using the above areas as upstreams to let you install packages locally.
We're providing the "make_subspack" script to make this easier.


We will work with Dave Dykstra to provide scripts to add to his existing cron jobs that update and will add products from a list to the cvmfs area. Adding packages to /cvmfs will involve

  • building a spack buildcache image in a spack area with a long enough path
    • the package relocation tools cannot make library paths longer.
    • making a "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious_padding/spack" directory on buildmaster works
  • copying it into the site buildcache
    • scp via products@fifeutilgpvm01: and
    • rebuilding the index.html
  • Add package spec to package list (/grid/fermiapp/.common-spack-packagelist?)
  • wait for cron job