Minos SLF5 Plans and Status

  • Migration to SLF5 was completed in late 2011
    • See earlier versions of this document for details of the SLF4 shutdown
  • Support for SLF5 was removed in early 2017.
    • Migration to SLF6 is tracked under
    • minos-slf5 has a temporary exemption to the end of 2017, and is avalable only from minos-slf6
    • minos-slf5 is now used only to link with Neugen.
  • minos-dcs03-nd contingency fallback
    • This is a DCS hot spare, part of the Minerva DAQ, only available while not is use for DAQ.
    • Access is via minos@minos-gateway-nd as usual for DAQ systems.
    • Only the minsoft account will be used, by a few users.
    • All logins are logged to ${HOME}/log/login.log
    • /grid/fermiapp will be mounted read/write
    • The minsoft home area will be /grid/fermiapp/minos/home/minsoft
    • No local files will be used.
    • No jobs will be run, this is strictly for building and linking.
    • Minerva may remove the minsoft account and mount at any time.
    • Testing and deployment are tracked in