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Brian Nord, 01/22/2013 04:44 AM

Simulation Pipeline

Working Group Organization (add links to subprojects)

  • Organizers: Nord, Gamper, Hambrecht, Amara, Refregier
  • Wrapper: Hambrecht, Nord, Farrens
  • Instrument Design: Kron
  • Target Catalog: Jouvel, Abdalla
  • Survey Strategy: Serrano, Nord, Annis
  • Fiber Allocation: Forero, Nord
  • Throughput: Nord, Saunders
  • Signal-to-noise: Coles, Cunha, Abdalla
  • Redshift Estimation: Coles, Cunha, Abdalla
  • Science: Kirk, Amara, Gaztanaga, Nichol, Beynon


Subsystem Organization:

  • Passing inputs/outputs: Plan for organizing the pipeline:
  • Each subsystem has inputs and outputs: galaxy spectra and counts are the variables that are fed through each subsystem. In the examples below (and on each subsystem page):, the first input in the list is the variable (spectrum) and others are parameters (which might be wholly independent from other subsystems or come from another).
  • Each subsystem receives from another and sends to another
    • Examples:
      • Input: item [ from where ] [prior]
      • Output: item [ to where ]
  • References:
    • attachment:Zuntz-PE-framework.pdf and attachment:zuntz-pe-framework-details.pdf
    • other!

Papers (add hyperlink here)
Page link:



Preliminary set of milestones

  • There are pre-Snowmass and Snowmass meetings in March(ish) and July(ish), so we want to have this pipeline many times by May/June at the latest.
  • At December Texas Meeting
    1. get last i/o params for each module
    2. Establish timeline for sets of runs
    3. establish priorities of what sim pipeline should say about instrument design
    4. Decide which trade studies we will do -- what kind of parameter variations will we perform?-
    5. Think about pre-DESpec deployment projects/publications
    6. Sign up for code development
    7. Clarify exact flow of pipeline
    8. Decide on which languages to use.
    9. each group should identify some quality assessment tests