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h2. Simulation Pipeline



h4. Working Group Organization (add links to subprojects)

* *Organizers*: Nord, Gamper, Hambrecht, Amara, Refregier
* *Wrapper*: Hambrecht, Nord, Farrens
* *Instrument Design*: Kron
* *Target Catalog*: Jouvel, Abdalla
* *Survey Strategy*: Serrano, Nord, Annis
* *Fiber Allocation*: Forero, Nord
* *Throughput*: Nord, Saunders
* *Signal-to-noise*: Coles, Cunha, Abdalla
* *Redshift Estimation*: Coles, Cunha, Abdalla
* *Science*: Kirk, Amara, Gaztanaga, Nichol, Beynon


h4. Subsystem Organization:

* Passing inputs/outputs: *Passing inputs/outputs:*
Plan for organizing the pipeline:
* The following elements are listed next to each variable in "Inputs/Outputs" section of each Subsystem
Each subsystem has inputs and outputs: galaxy spectra and counts are the variables that are fed through each subsystem. In the examples below (and on each subsystem page):, the first input in the list is the variable (spectrum) and others are parameters (which might be wholly independent from other subsystems or come from another).
* ** Each subsystem receives from another and sends to another
** Examples:
*** **** Input: *item [ _from where_ ] [prior]*
*** **** Output: *item [ _to where_ ]*

* Technical details of the pipeline: specifics for workflow components

* ** parameter and data file types
** codes to be used
** workflow design
attachment:Zuntz-PE-framework.pdf and attachment:zuntz-pe-framework-details.pdf
** other!

h4. Papers (add hyperlink here)
Page link:

Where will we run the pipeline ?




h4. Preliminary set of milestones

* -There are pre-Snowmass and Snowmass meetings in March(ish) and July(ish), so we want to have this pipeline many times by May/June at the latest.-
* At December Texas Meeting
## -get last i/o params for each module-
## -Establish timeline for sets of runs-
## -establish priorities of what sim pipeline should say about instrument design-
## -Decide which trade studies we will do --- what kind of parameter variations will we perform?-
## -Think about pre-DESpec deployment projects/publications-
## -Sign up for code development-
## -Clarify exact flow of pipeline-
## -Decide on which languages to use.-
## -each group should identify some quality assessment tests-