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Brian Nord, 07/09/2013 05:40 AM




Development notes (To-do list)

  1. create cut-out within convert and test on one of our patches
  2. check the spectra and noise
  3. # send spectrum plots to Carlos to make sure the noise looks right.
  4. # look at z vs. z plots for your recent runs with more noise and all redshifts kept.
  5. # make sure we understand why some redshifts are bad; it's okay if they are, we just need a double-check.
  6. conclude edits of TileSurvey and FiberAlloc for the QualityAssurance
  7. download new data set
  8. choose the right number of patches for the paper to run it correctly.
  9. check to make sure cosmology constraints are working.
  10. get numbers from these data runs for the paper.
  11. run similar data with DESI parameters.

for 'future' development

item number Name of task primary assignee(s) projected completion date description
0 Parallelizaton/job scheduling Laurenz July 1, 2013 allow a module to create a parallel process and continue the pipeline after parallel starts