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Brian Nord, 02/13/2013 12:16 PM

Simulation Pipeline

Working Group Organization (add links to subprojects)

  • Organizers: Nord, Amara, Refregier
  • Glue: Gamper, Hambrecht
  • Wrapper: Hambrecht, Gamper, Nord
  • Instrument Design: Kron
  • Target Catalog: Jouvel, Abdalla
  • Survey Strategy: Serrano, Nord, Annis
  • Fiber Allocation: Forero, Nord
  • Throughput: Nord, Saunders
  • Signal-to-noise: Cunha, Coles, Abdalla
  • Redshift Estimation: Coles, Cunha, Abdalla
  • Science: Kirk, Amara, Gaztanaga, Nichol, Beynon
  • Galaxy Spectra: Cunha, Busha

Module List

Module/Submodule Status ToDo
Target_Selection/Target_Selection_simple ok
Target_Selection/Target_Selection_Jouvel not running Annz segfault
Survey_Strategy/Survey_Strategy_simple ok
Survey_Strategy/Survey_Strategy_Cunha running make API compliant
Fiber_Allocation/Fiber_Allocation_simple ok
Fiber_Allocation/Fiber_Allocation_Nord running make API compliant
Throughput running write data to data bank


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