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Ben Hambrecht, 01/24/2013 08:52 AM

Simulation Pipeline

Working Group Organization (add links to subprojects)

  • Organizers: Nord, Amara, Refregier
  • Glue: Gamper, Hambrecht
  • Wrapper: Hambrecht, Gamper, Nord
  • Instrument Design: Kron
  • Target Catalog: Jouvel, Abdalla
  • Survey Strategy: Serrano, Nord, Annis
  • Fiber Allocation: Forero, Nord
  • Throughput: Nord, Saunders
  • Signal-to-noise: Cunha, Coles, Abdalla
  • Redshift Estimation: Coles, Cunha, Abdalla
  • Science: Kirk, Amara, Gaztanaga, Nichol, Beynon
  • Galaxy Spectra: Cunha, Busha


Subsystem Organization:

  • Passing inputs/outputs: Plan for organizing the pipeline:
  • Each subsystem has inputs and outputs: galaxy spectra and counts are the variables that are fed through each subsystem. In the examples below (and on each subsystem page):, the first input in the list is the variable (spectrum) and others are parameters (which might be wholly independent from other subsystems or come from another).
  • Each subsystem receives from another and sends to another
    • Examples:
      • Input: item [ from where ] [prior]
      • Output: item [ to where ]
  • References:
    • attachment:Zuntz-PE-framework.pdf and attachment:zuntz-pe-framework-details.pdf
    • other!

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