Required software for SPOKES


  • It is strongly advised to install this software via package managers, and not from source, particularly HDF5 and pytables.
    • macports for mac
    • apt-get for Linux
  • Python 2.7 (e.g., EPD or via Macports)
    • Numpy
    • Matplotlib
    • pylab (contained in matplotlib)
    • Pytables ( - a
    • sys
    • pyephem -a
    • scipy (may require separate install)
    • yaml
    • sqlalchemy
    • esutil for reading FITS files very fast ( -a
    • psutil for measuring memory usage -a
    • pdflatex for report generation
    • ptrepack from tables -a
    • shapely
    • mpi4py
    • pyfits
    • asciitable


apt-get update
apt-get install python-tables python-psutil python-numpy python-scipy python-matplotlib python-yaml python-pip python-sqlalchemy python-shapely python-pyfits
pip install asciitable pyephem

This should install all necessary packages on a recent (12.10) ubuntu.


  • Versions or TortoiseSVN for SVN
  • kcachegrind for profiling

Installation/Run Notes
  • you may need to set ptrepack to your version type in glue.ini. That is, ptrepack = ptrepack-2.7