Meeting Zurich (2013)

Wednesday: Jan 16

  • Adam, Ben, Brian went through pipeline module-by-module to see how each will exchange data in more detail
  • pictures of work attached here.

Thursday: Jan 17

  • Todo:
    1. discuss papers
    2. refine overview of pipeline
  • Ben, Steph, Brian chatted and made progress on targetting code; being re-written by Ben
  • Alex, Adam, Brian talked about the overall pipeline, went deeper into how to separate modules into sub-modules, more detail about additions that will be needed; also talked about paper formats

Friday, Jan 18

  • Todo:
    1. add remaining code to repository
    2. add Documents to repository
    3. write converter: from text file to h5 file for main parameter set (Ben, Laurenz)
    4. install HDF5 and pytables on individual machines

Saturday, Jan 19

  • Todo:
    1. create repos for paper and start draft (Brian)
    2. make image of data transfer part of pipeline (Brian)
    3. make initial data param files (Brian)
    4. upload pictures from Wed, Thurs (Brian)
    5. start converting s/n (from Cunha) into python)

Monday, January 21

  • Todo:
    1. go through each exchange on paper, and then write the exchange in code (Ben, Laurenz, Brian)

Tuesday, January 22

  • Todo:

Wednesday, January 23

  • Todo:

Thursday, January 24

  • Todo:

Friday, January 25

  • Todo: