Input data

path name type unit description
/gal/galaxy_index int array none unique galaxy indentifier according to the initial catalog used
/gal/fiber_selection_flag bool array none has the galaxy been observed, i. e. has it been assigned to a fiber?
/gal/redshift_photometric float array none redshift z as estimated from photometry (magnitudes)

kcorrect templates

The galaxy spectra are not read in as a giant array, but are being generated on-the-fly. That is why they don't figure as input data.


name type description
use_true_redshift bool for testing: just pass the true redshift to the cosmology module
min_template_wavelength float how far down can we trust the template spectra? (in Angstroem) the farther down, the higher redshifts we can determine
number_of_bins int how fine should be logarithmic wavelength grid be? The finer, the more precise the redshift, but the longer it takes to compute
smoothing_length float for continuum subtraction (after rebinning to log scale). Given as a ratio of the number of bins

Output data

path name type unit description
/gal/redshift_spectroscopic_spokes float array none the redshift of the fiber selected galaxies. NB this array is shorter than the original catalog