SeaScape Development

I have restarted the repository for SeaScape:

This version is the version that is installed on I recommend to clone this repository (requires Kerberos):
git clone ssh://

and use this version for all updates (via git commit).

Changes in the version 1.21

  1. query builder with write functionality
  2. improve response of detector page (#6779)
  3. fix spill-selector bug (#6780)
  4. Notes page
  5. design of the alarm table (#6781)

Priorities for the next release

  1. finalize the Alarm page (#6781)
  2. finalize the Notes page: Please add a field for a ELOG reference and have the author name first.
  3. work on the run log

    The page can be designed based on the table Run in the existing run_* databases.
  4. possible bug: How can the number of spills be changed when the default spill range is one (e.g., the Detector page)?
  5. bug: I wanted to re-scale on of the scaler values but the window was mostly behind the plot. Dhyaanesh has fixed on these problems before (#6832). Is his bug fix included in version 1.21?
  6. bug: The timing spectra are wrong again. This has been fixed by Mariusz (#6538, #6606). Is his bug fix included in version 1.21?
  7. change: Can we change the style for the multiplicity page from lines (SeaScape-Multiplicity.png) to histograms (as for the hit spectra)?

Priorities for the release after the next release

  1. scaler, beam, and slow control pages with overview page (Dhyaanesh, please feel free to share your screenshots at any time)
  2. trigger page (#6533, #6600, #6601, #6602)
  3. continue work on memory leak (#6537)
  4. include mapping information (#6608)
  5. when the mapping information gets added, we can also show detector elements with no hits (impossible right now as those elements are not included in the MySQL queries).