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Kenichi Nakano, 11/19/2018 05:30 AM


Last update on 2018-11-19 by Kenichi.

This production will include the FY2017 dataset and be processed with our local computers.

Some info in this page is not correct for now. Being written...

Information on R009 Production

  • The good runs are listed in "/data2/production/list/R009/R009_fy2017.list".
    • The reasons for good/bad schemas are described in "00readme.txt".
    • The format (columns) of this list file is a bit different from R008 etc.
  • Decoder
    • git hash
  • Data quality check ... "Spill.dataQuality" field
    • Not done yet.
    • The criteria is identical to R007. Details can be found in the Git repository (, 606a858a451be9a585ec86ce0434221a812ef7d9).
    • The set of "good" spills is different from R007 because of a requirement of "N of tracks/spill > 0.
    • The "Spill.dataQuality" field was set accordingly on May 17.
    • Analyzer can use the lists of good spills in "/data2/production/list/R008/good_spill_*.list" instead.
  • Chamber intensity ... "QIE.Intensity(_p)" field
  • kTracker
    **Not done yet.
    • The version used is stored in the "kInfo" table.

Details about use of our local computers

  • List of computers used
    • gat2, gat4, gat6 for now
  • Procedure
  • Test #1 - 2018-11-10...19
    • 300 runs on 3 computers
      • Listed in /data2/production/list/R009/test_local/test_local_gat*.list
      • The decoder exit status of all the runs is OK.