R007 V002

The production name is yet tentative. This production is to update the timing information used for Run 5e. It will contain both the event info and the track info (unlike R007_V001 + R008).

Remaining steps
  1. Decode a few runs to find the correct in-time window for the v1495 RF signals.
    • Runs 20927, 20930, 21000, 22000, 22325
  2. Update the TSV files.
  3. Run a test of decoding and tracking, using 10-100 runs.
  4. Run a full decoding process.
  5. Run a full tracking process.

Changes from R007_V001
  • The time windows of the trigger, hodoscope and chamber were updated.
    • New TSV files
      • /data2/production/info/trigger/020927-022399/triggerInfo.tsv
      • /data2/production/info/hodoscope/020927-022399/hodoInfo.tsv
      • /data2/production/info/chamber/020927-022331/chamberInfo.tsv
    • The timing change was 10.8 ns according to doc4924(?).
    • The time window for the RF signals were adjusted by ?? ns according to doc????
      • It was necessary to enable the RF-based in-time flagging.
  • Runs 20904-20926 were excluded from the production.
    • See "Run5List.txt" in doc4924 for details.