R007 V001 & R008

Information on Run 5 in R008 Production

The latter half of Run 5 is being re-decoded using the corrected signal timing (doc 5479).

  • The information in /data2/production/info/{trigger,hodoscope,chamber} was updated on 2019-05-20.
    • The 1st run of the latter half in these parameters was set to "20908".
  • The information in /data2/production/runs was updated on 2019-07-05.

Information on R008 Production

  • R008 contains only the kTracker info (kTrack table etc). Analyzer should combine it with the R007 event info.
  • Good run schemas are listed in "/data2/production/list/R008/R008_roadset_*.list".
    • The reasons for good/bad schemas are described in "00readme.txt".
  • Data quality check ... "Spill.dataQuality" field
    • The criteria is identical to R007. Details can be found in the Git repository (, 606a858a451be9a585ec86ce0434221a812ef7d9).
    • The set of "good" spills is different from R007 because of a requirement of "N of tracks/spill > 0.
    • The "Spill.dataQuality" field was set accordingly on May 17.
    • Analyzer can use the lists of good spills in "/data2/production/list/R008/good_spill_*.list" instead.
  • Chamber intensity ... "QIE.Intensity(_p)" field
  • kTracker
    • The version used is stored in the "kInfo" table.

Information on R007_V001 Production


Changes between R007_V001 and R006_V003
  • The beam Y-position was set to +1.6 cm (roadset 67 etc) or +0.4 cm (for roadset 57 etc).
  • The cut of plane-by-plane residuals between track and chamber hit was implemented in kTracker track finding.

Changes between R007_V002 and R007_V001
  • No duplication of station-1 track segment
  • New FMag/KMag field strength
  • Use of "chisq dump > chisq target" (not "rD > rT") for target optimization
  • After-pulse removal logic ... adopted or not?
  • (Planned) New random mixing algorithm
  • (Planned) Reversal of one track before vertexing of FPGA3 dimuon

Note that the KMag z-position (and correspondingly the FMag/KMag field strength) has not been corrected in R007_V002.