Information on R006_V001 Production

V003 was established on 2017-Mar-03. Please use V003, not V001.

Status & plan: As of 2016-Dec-20

Real data
  • 225 runs are being processed again due to a data-quality problem. They have been produced (onto run-by-run schemas). They will be tracked & merged. Will be ready in ?? weeks.

  • M017 has been produced & tracked. Ready for analyses. It is with CT14lo & the old K-factor.
  • M018 & M019 is being produced & tracked. It is with the new K-factor. Some schemas must not be used in analysis since affected by program bugs (thus to be deleted?). All will be ready in ?? weeks.
  • M020 is being produced. What is this??

Important notes
  • The merged schemas (merged_roadset*_R006_V001) on DB3 ( are complete for analysis.
    Do not use them on DB1, DB2 & UIUC, which exist but are not up-to-date.
  • The "Spill.dataQuality" field was updated on 2016-09-22.
  • The GMC productions are being produced and will be tracked.

Latest datasets
  • Real data
    Schema name Schema merging QIE.Intensity(_p) fields Spill.dataQuality field
    merged_roadset57_R006_V001 updated on 2016-09-14 set on 2016-09-14 set on 2016-09-14
    merged_roadset59_R006_V001 updated on 2016-09-14 set on 2016-09-14 set on 2016-09-14
    merged_roadset62_R006_V001 updated on 2016-09-14 set on 2016-09-14 set on 2016-09-22
    merged_roadset67_R006_V001 updated on 2016-09-12 set on 2016-09-14 set on 2016-09-14
    merged_roadset70_R006_V001 updated on 2016-09-07 set on 2016-09-08 set on 2016-09-08

  • GMC
    • Notes
      • The geometry used is "G17_run3".
      • The KMag & FMag multipliers are -0.951 & -1.0541, respectively.
      • The new K factor is being used in M018 and later.
    • Latest schemas
      Drell-Yan LH2 M017 mc_drellyan_LH2_M017_S001 Ready for analysis With the old K factor
      M019 mc_drellyan_LH2_M019_S001 Produced. Not tracked.
      LD2 M017 mc_drellyan_LD2_M017_S001 Ready for analysis With the old K factor
      M019 mc_drellyan_LD2_M019_S001 Produced. Tracked. Ready?
      M020 mc_drellyan_LD2_M020_S001 Produced. What is this??
      dump M019 mc_drellyan_dump_M019_S001 Ready for analysis Chamber realization is ON
      J/psi LH2 M018 mc_jpsi_LH2_M018_S001 Produced.
      LD2 M017 mc_jpsi_LD2_M017_S001 Ready for analysis
      psi' LH2 M018 mc_psiprime_LH2_M018_S001 Produced.
      LD2 M017 mc_psiprime_LD2_M017_S001 Ready for analysis

  • Geometry
    • The "Planes" table didn't change from "geometry_G15_run3" to "geometry_G17_run3".
    • The "PlaneOffsets" table changed. The table in "geometry_G17_run3" is consistent with the alignment file.
    • Physics analyses should use "geometry_G17_run3" on both real data & GMC production.
      • The alignment of Run-2 geometry schema (i.e. the "geometry_G22_run2B.PlaneOffsets" table) is not up-to-date. Do we need it?
        Dataset 2 Dataset 3
        Real data geometry_G22_run2B & alignment file geometry_G15_run3 & alignment file
        GMC production n/a geometry_G17_run3

  • Real data
    • Coda-file decoding
      • The target position (i.e. "Spill.targetPos" field) during the manual target cycle (in roadset 62) have been corrected according to doc1713-v2. The correction was made on run-by-run schemas. Kun will run kTracker again to include the updated target position into the "kDimuon.targetPos" field.
    • Track reconstruction
      • No open issue.
    • Run-by-run schema
    • Schema merging
    • Data-quality check
      • The selection criteria has been settled down as described in doc1307-v9.
      • It will be tested and applied to "Spill.dataQuality" field, once merged schemas become available.
  • GMC
    • The GMC productions described here have been produced with the same conditions as the R006 real data, and thus are suitable for R006 analyses.
    • Production ... being produced by BZ (and Shivangi)
      • mc_drellyan_LH2_M017_S001 and the like were run with the wrong magnetic field parameters. They are being rerun.
      • Shivangi has been learning how to run GMC and is submitting GMC productions to the grid.
      • After the LH2 and LD2 productions are finished we will start submitting the other jobs.
      • Some of new productions might not be necessary if their physics process configuration is not changed.
        Then a question is how we run the R006 kTracker on them and store its output.
    • Track reconstruction ... waiting for the production finished

  • 2016-08-30: This page was created.
  • 2016-09-15: The merged schemas on DB3 became ready for physics analysis.
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