R005 Changelog

  • More Runs Analyzed: Instead of processing only good runs, good spills in all runs will be processed (#9341). This will increase the amount of statistics. The run lists are included in the SeaQuest Production repository in the directory FindGoodRuns/logs.
  • Occupancy Table Added: This will show the number of In-Time Hits for each detector group of [H1, H2, H3, H4, D1, D2, D3, P1, P2]. Please note that this is the number of In-Time Hits, and does not include TriggerHits.
  • QIE Table: 'rocID', 'boardID' fields removed, as they are always the same value.
  • Scaler Table: 'rocID', 'boardID', 'channelID' fields removed. Not useful.
  • Spill Table Live Proton Field: 'beamIntensity' and 'beamIntensityError' fields removed. 'liveProton' field added. This is calculated directly after decoding via
    SELECT b.spillID, ROUND(m.value*(b.QIESum - b.trigger_sum_no_inhibit - b.inhibit_block_sum)/b.QIESum) AS `liveProton`                                             
      FROM BeamDAQ b                                                
      INNER JOIN Beam m USING(spillID)                              
      WHERE name = 'INTENSITY_FIELD_NAME'      
      AND b.QIESum > 0                                              
      AND b.QIESum > (b.trigger_sum_no_inhibit + b.inhibit_block_sum);
    where the INTENSITY_FIELD_NAME is the 'S:G2SEM' if entries exist. If it doesn't, then it will use 'F:NM3SEM' if entries exist. If both those don't exist, then it will try to use 'F:NM3ION'. If a BeamDAQ entry doesn't exist, or the QIESum criteria in the query is not met, the liveProton sum value will default to NULL.
  • Spill Table Time Field: Now shows valid non-zero value based on time values from the Slow Control feed.
  • Data Quality Bits Definition Changed: Now follows the "All Zeros = All Good" paradigm. For example, in R004, if a hit was in-time and an original pulse (not an after-pulse), but not hodoscope masked or trigger road masked, it's 0th and 3rd bits would be set to 1 (in-time and original pulse), and it's 1st and 2nd bits would be set to 0: dataQuality = 0b1001. Now, it's reversed. For R005, such a Hit would be dataQuality = 0b0110. Please see the page on Data Quality in our Productions for more details.
  • decoderInfo Table Removed: This was used to coordinate decoding between two decoupled executables. All decoding has been combined into one executable, so there is no more need for this table.
  • ROOT Digit File Output: A new feature in the decoding software allows to generate ROOT output in addition to writing to MySQL databases (#8896).