Running GMC on Fermigrid

These instructions will only work if you are logged into one of the seaquestgpvm machines. If you have installed the SeaQuest software distribution it will include two folders called setup and seaquest_scripts. In the setup folder, you should source the script, this has to be done every time you login but will last the entire session. In the seaquest_scripts folder you will find a program called If you run this with the --help command it will display some help. Using the command with other arguments will submit GMC jobs to the grid. Several of these possible arguments are just alternate ways of putting in GMC arguments. You should set the name of the MySQL schema with the --raw-name command, keeping in mind that it prefixes the name with user_<yourName> if not in production mode. --n-subruns sets the number of GMC instances that will be running in parallel on the grid, there is not much point to using the grid if this is not set to a large number. I highly recommend setting the geometry schema yourself and not assuming the default setting is up to date, especially since there are several different geometries now for different run periods. The program will run the TableLoader program for you, but not TableMerger.