GMC Versions

All GMC production names will have a section with M### in it. This number is the version number for GMC and is associated with a git hash for the seaquest-gmc repository.

Version Number Git Hash Comments
001 195d97ab78bb96d7ce99e9b228fda801fcce229d Was updated after being run to include current definitions of Bjorken x, but sigWeight is still calculated using the old definitions
003 c256bdfb3417fb448868106e4115e35b2c4f13db Current definitions of Bjorken and Feynmann x are used
004 53c3112abfd5c8ef0269707c62b4bdbd8cabb9ee Added the /set/cosThetaMin and /set/monteTables commands
005 eb7e634dba8928d15a800fcfb12390adb27bb1e1 Added the /set/cosThetaMax command. Fixed the proportions between target and dump for drell-yan productions with events from both
006 26801c311997643a138ecff99980cd8cdff1b5fa Dimuon productions with an acceptance cut no longer skip large ranges of numbers when number hitID and trackIDs
007 7b5191de092b99241672c536e45ae76b1084aa48 Fixed a bug that caused the gun generator to crash frequently. Added a recording method that records every single eta generated
008 93c8b847abd23171d0cf0758cc2dd4e6d5ee3f59 Added pi0s to the eta recording method
009 bb5a052c55e79a8111db29906489028a8ed65ff8 Added position and momentum information from track3 to the mTrack table
010 c75bf06f2c449e53dadc58fdc1f119a84dbd1340 Fixed a bug where the trigger fields in the Event table, i.e. MATRIX1, were always 0.
011 021003c056f6af2a138435bb52034b772ada11d8 Fixed a bug where the mTrackIDs in the mHit table for gun productions were incorrect.
012 cc1bb9a585ae41650b541f8ba75fc4d51327e80a Thought I fixed a bug where the x3, y3, etc. fields in mTrack were always NULL. Wasn't actually fixed.
013 69f5e454edec2a62393398f2d1ed5fb0b94cdd49 Actually fixed the bug with NULL fields.
014 5a53147af8eb41acff55755953ce6301bac37620 Added x1, y1, z1, px1, py1, pz1 fields to mTrack table.
015 5e1b30b074be5726f454c49ab43aa191e7a4d246 Fixed a bug for gun productions where mTrack INSERT MySQL commands were failing.
016 935924de27e695873e79e1701c5dd7be1f085ad3 Can now specify which PDF set to use when generating a dimuon production.
017 0b0d0c555864a345c0a116ffbd722efe71452e58 Changed GMC to work with the new geometry versions. It is backwards compatible.
018 9b8a772861b8f53caaff68a26dd8009e5b313b19 BUGGED. DO NOT USE.
019 30669f2d90e285ba91d12b23bb1660b6899d1d39 The kFactor calculation in GMC is corrected. It is currently based on CT14 PDFs.