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h1. Screen Snapshot Service

h2. Sample Installations

* "NOvA DAQ": (password protected)
* "CMSWBM": (password protected)

h2. Introduction

The Screen Snapshot Service is logically composed of three parts:

* Producers that periodically capture snapshots of a specified computer desktop and send the snapshots to a server.
* A server that receives the snapshots from the producers, converts them to image files in an easily accessible format, and serves them to consumers.
* Consumers that periodically fetch updated images from the server and display them to a user.

In the initial version of the system, these pieces have the following implementations:

* The producer is a Java application that runs on the host that has the display(s) that are interesting to remote users. It is deployed with Java Web Start.
* The server is a web application that runs inside the Tomcat Java application server.
* The consumer is a combination of JSP pages and Javascript that are accessed with a web browser.

h2. Downloads

Please see the "Files" area of this project for tar files with built versions of the Snapshot Service.

h2. Instructions

As mentioned above, the snapshot server runs inside of Tomcat, and the snapshot producer runs using Java Web Start. As such, installation of the snapshot service really boils down to installing Tomcat on your server PC and enabling Java Web Start on your producer hosts. The following links provide some instructions for installing S3, but they don't go into details of Tomcat or Java installation.

[[Installation Instructions (Linux)]]
[[Tips for JWS on Windows]]

The following Wiki pages may provide more useful information. They are records of the steps that we used when installing S3 for NOvA.
* "May 2011 Notes":
* "October 2011 Notes":

h2. Slides

* Introductory talk presented at the 08-May-2007 LAFS meeting: "PPT": "PDF":
* Diagram prepared for Alan's RT07 poster: "PPT": "PDF":
* Introductory talk presented at the 23-Jan-2007 SiTracker meeting: "PPT": "PDF":

h2. Read-only Access to the Git Repository

<code>git clone</code>