March 2016 LArIAT S3 Notes

Setting up the Snapshot Service running on (25-Mar-2016, KAB)

From the root account:
  • 'chown tomcat.tomcat /opt/if-wbm/webapps'
  • 'mkdir /scratch/wbm-support-tomcat/s3-images'
  • 'chown tomcat.tomcat /scratch/wbm-support-tomcat/s3-images'
  • added "JkMount /snapshot/* ajp13" to /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
  • 'apachectl -k graceful'
From the tomcat account:
  • 'cd /opt/wbm-support-tomcat/webapps/'
  • 'tar -xvf ~/snapshotWebapp_v1.6b2_java1.7.0_67.tar.gz'
  • made copies of SnapshotProducer.jnlp and ProducerAccess.xml in /opt/wbm-support-tomcat/webapps/snapshot/internal using the ".raw" template files in the same directory and modified these files for use on lariat-wbm and only allow access from 131.225.*.* producers
  • modified the ShowImageList.jsp file in /opt/wbm-support-tomcat/webapps/snapshot to avoid the compiler error when using Comparator - this means that the list of thumbnails may not be sorted by name (TODO - fix this in a better way)
  • to restart the Tomcat server, I would 'cd /opt/wbm-support-tomcat/bin' and run './' and './'.

NOTE: at the moment, the S3 images directory is still under $TOMCAT_WEBAPPS, which is on the root disk partition that only has 16 GB total. I tried various methods to get Tomcat to allow us to use a symbolic link to put the images on the /scratch disk, but none of those seemed to work. (The methods that I tried included webapps/snapshot/META-INF, conf/context.xml, and conf/server.xml) TODO - move the images directory