Installation Instructions (Linux)

What it takes to install and run the snapshot service:

On the server:
locate or install Java 1.5+ [JDK or JRE] (try running "locate jdk" or "locate java")
locate or install Tomcat 5.0 or 5.5 (try running "locate tomcat")
verify the tomcat installation is using Java 1.5+ or switch to this version of Java (Tomcat uses the JAVA_HOME environmental variable to find Java)
untar the snapshotWebapp.tar file available from in <yourTomcatInstallationDirectory>/webapps. (This will create a "snapshot" subdirectory underneath the "webapps" directory.)
copy <yourTomcatInstallationDirectory>/webapps/snapshot/internal/SnapshotProducer.jnlp.raw to <yourTomcatInstallationDirectory>/webapps/snapshot/internal/SnapshotProducer.jnlp. Edit the new file and replace "localhost:8080" with the appropriate node name and port for your Tomcat server. (This needs replaced in two places.)
[New with version 1.5] copy <yourTomcatInstallationDirectory>/webapps/snapshot/internal/ProducerAccess.xml.raw to <yourTomcatInstallationDirectory>/webapps/snapshot/internal/ProducerAccess.xml. The default version of the producer access control file allows any producer to send images to the server. If you prefer a more restrictive access model, edit the ProducerAccess.xml file to customize your S3 installation. (Examples in the file demonstrate a couple of different models.) Note that if you skip this step, no producers will be able to send images to the server since the server defaults to "deny everything" if the ProducerAccess.xml file is not found.
At this point, you should be able to point a browser at http://<yourTomcatNode>:<yourTomcatPort>/snapshot/ShowImageList.jsp and see that the server reports "No images are currently available."
You may want to point a browser to http://<yourTomcatNode>:<yourTomcatPort>/snapshot/internal/index.html, click on the "Server diagnostics" link and increase the amount of time that the server is allowed to spend converting images.
On Linux nodes that you want to produce snapshots:
locate or install Java 1.5
enable Java Web Start by adding the following lines to the ".mailcap" file that is located (or you create) in the home area of the account that is used to log into the workstation. If the .mailcap file already has javaws, you should switch to the 1.5 version of javaws. # Java Web Start application/x-java-jnlp-file; <yourJava1.5Dir>/bin/javaws %s
close all open browser windows after editing the .mailcap file, open a new web browser window, type the following URL into the address box: http://<yourTomcatNode>:<yourTomcatPort>/snapshot/internal/index.html and, click on the "Producer web start" hyperlink. This should download and start the snapshot producer application.
you can tune the snapshot creation interval from the producer GUI and pause/resume snapshot creation. There is also a text box to allow you to change the name associated with the display - it initializes to the nodename.
to stop the producer application, use the "X" (close) window control (upper right corner) or File->Exit.
to start a new producer, simply visit the "Producer web start" link again.