Other comments

Spread sheet input

The directorate people will want to supply the tabular data as spreadsheets.
Make sure that you have something that can read them and convert them to
comma separated values (CSV) files to be converted into SQL for table loading.

Search10 program is in the files section.

$ java -cp jldap_2005.10.03/ldap:. Search10 '(employeeID=08991*)'
Socket factory availed: com.novell.ldap.LDAPJSSESecureSocketFactory@1507fb2
Connection object availed: com.novell.ldap.LDAPConnection@18fd984
Connection availed:, 636
Binding availed: 3, cn=cd-srv-scientist-survey,ou=FermiServiceAccounts,dc=services,dc=fnal,dc=gov, *password*
Searching: ou=FermiUsers,dc=services,dc=fnal,dc=gov, 2, (employeeID=08991*), null, false
Search returned
count = 0


Some output removed.

=== "herber","Randolph Herber","Randolph","Herber","08991N","" 

Search10 Java program requires JLDAP class files

Suggested source is this URL:

I have been using a Oct 3, 2005 version of these class files.