Updating approvers list for cmslpc forms

When requests come in from the LPC experiment group to have people added or removed as approvers here is information that can be used
to complete this request.
This must be done on prod since it is a data change
  • The table where the approves are maintained is called CMS Conveners (cms_conveners)
    • The table contains 3 fields in the form group, active, and convener.
To add a Group
  • Select New record
  • Click active, add the group name, add the convener
  • Click Save and exit
To add a new approver to a list
  • Select a record from the group
  • Modify the convener field
  • <IMPORTANT> From the top menu select Insert or Insert and Stay
To remove an approver
  • Find the approvers record in the table
  • Un-check the active state
  • Save and exit

Rennie Scott - May 23, 2017