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Gray Putnam, 11/05/2019 10:54 AM

sbndqm -- A Repository for SBN Online Monitoring

This repository is intended to house code for online monitoring in SBN and contains tooling for sending metrics to a database (through the artdaq MetricManager) and for receiving data from the artdaq Dispatcher (through the TransferInput module).

All analysis code is located in sbndqm/sbndqm/dqmAnalysis. An example analysis using the Metric Manager resides in sbndqm/sbndqm/dqmAnalysis/example.

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History: instructions to build previous versions:

On the sbnd-daq* machines, sbndqm is available globally as a ups product. It is thus much easier to get started development on the sbnd-daq* machines. However, it is also possible to develop on the gpvm’s provided you build more things yourself.

Building on the sbnd-daq* Machines


# setup the software environment
source /daq/software/products/setup
setup mrb
setup sbndqm v0_03_00 -qe17:prof:s83

# make a new mrb environment
export MRB_PROJECT=sbndqm

# <make the needed directories>

mrb newDev 
source localProducts_sbndqm_v00_03_00_e17_prof_s83/setup
cd srcs

# pull down the latest sbndqm 
mrb g sbndqm 

# build
mrb i -j6

In the future, to build the code, you will just need to run:

# setup the software environment
source /daq/software/products/setup
setup mrb
mrb i -j6

Building on the gpvm’s
Note: This is work in progress!

# setup the software environment
source /cvmfs/
source /cvmfs/
setup mrb

# make a new mrb environment
export MRB_PROJECT=sbndqm
mrb newDev -v v0_02_00 -q e17:prof:s83
source localProducts_sbndqm_v0_02_00_e17_prof_s83/setup

cd $MRB_TOP/srcs

# Checkout out the latest sbndqm
mrb g sbndqm -v v00_02_00 -q e17:prof:s83

# Checkout all the dependencies (for details see $MRB_TOP/srcs/sbndqm/ups/product_deps)
mrb g artdaq_core -v v3_04_15 -q e17:prof:s83
mrb g larsoft -v v08_18_00 -q e17:prof
mrb g icarus-artdaq-base -v v0_06_06 -q e17:prof
mrb g sbndaq-artdaq-core -v v0_01_07 -q e17:prof:s83
       mrb g artdaq_utilities -v v1_04_10 -q e17:prof:s83
       setup -B artdaq_utilities v1_04_10 -q e17:prof:s73
       mrb g artdaq_utilities -v v1_04_10 -q e17:prof:s73 
setup -B fftw v3_3_8 -q prof
setup -B jsoncpp v1_7_7c -q e17:prof
setup -B xmlrpc_c v1_39_10d -q e17:prof
mrb g sbndaq-redis-plugin -v v0_02_00 -q e17:prof:s83

NOTES: should remove sbnddaq-datatypes once it migrates to sbndaq-artdaq-core. Should figure out issue with “-“ v. “_”.