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Gray Putnam, 03/08/2019 02:17 PM

sbndqm -- A Repository for SBN Online Monitoring

This repository is intended to house code for online monitoring in SBN and contains and interface for using the artdaq MetricManager.

All analysis code is located in sbndqm/sbndqm/dqmAnalysis. There are currently two analysis modules. One (TPC) is intended for use as TPC analysis and was developed for the SBND VST. The other (PMT) is being piloted for the SBND light readout test-stand at PAB.

An example analysis using the Metric Manager resides in sbndqm/sbndqm/dqmAnalysis/example.


sbndqm is setup as a ups product. However, neither sbndqm nor all of its dependencies are yet available globally. Thus, we will need to build sbndqm and a few of its dependencies locally.

Building on the ssbnd-daq* Machines

On these machines, we have some of the sbndaq repositories available. Here are the steps:


  • Setup a new mrb environment
  • setup the sbndaq software
    • source /software/products/setup
  • Pull down sbndqm
    • mrb g sbndqm
  • Pull down the redis metric manager plugin
    • mrb g --product sbndaq_redis_plugin sbndaq-redis-plugin

Building on the gpvm’s

NOTE: not yet sure if this is possible.... For the gpvm’s, you’ll need to build all of the dependencies.


  • Setup a new mrb environment
  • pull down sbndqm
    • mrb g sbndqm
  • pull down artdaq_utilities
    • mrb g -t v1_04_08 artdaq_utilities
  • pull down the redis metric manager plugin
    • mrb g -p sbndaq_redis_plugin sbndaq-redis-plugin
  • pull down sbndaq-artdaq-core
    • mrb g -p sbndaq_artdaq_core sbndaq-artdaq-core
  • (OPTIONAL -- needed only for using TPC code w/ SBND) pull down sbnddaq-datatypes
    • mrb g -t upgradetoartdaq320 -p sbnddaq_datatypes sbnddaq-datatypes

NOTES: should remove sbnddaq-datatypes once it migrates to sbndaq-artdaq-core. Should figure out issue with “-“ v. “_”.

Integration with Artdaq Metric Manager

This repository provides an interface for using the redis plugin of the Artdaq Metric Manager. This interface will handle accumulation of metrics and sending them to a redis database. An example codebase using this interface is at sbndqm/sbndqm/dqmAnalysis/example.