Test stand servers names and purpose

Setup may change. We'll try to keep this up-to-date. As on 2/26/2018

Servers installed on DAB SBN-TEST01 rack:

sbnd-daq00 - hosts a WR SPEC/FineDelay card
sbnd-daq22 - hosts a WR SPEC/DIO card
sbnd-daq24 - hosts a WR SPEC/TDC card

sbnd-daq25 - hosts a WR SPEC/DIO card ( server will be moved to SBN-ND building soon)
sbnd-daq27 - hosts a WR SPEC/DIO card

sbnd-daq28 - hosts a CAEN CONET PCIe card and a chain of two BERN CRT readout boxes on secondary ethernet device enp3s0
sbnd-daq29 - for SlowControl development
sbnd-daq30 - for SlowControl development
sbnd-daq31 (?) - for SlowControl development

Other servers available at DAB, but not in the test stand rack:

sbnd-test01 - D0 2nd floor, Faraday Cage room
sbnd-test02 - test stand room desktop

Other SBND-cluster servers in various locations around the Lab

Wideband Lab
sbnd-daq21 - used by the ICARUS CRT group

sbnd-daq23 - hosts a WR SPEC/DIO card

sbnd-daq26 - hosts a WR SPEC/DIO card

SBN-FD (ICARUS building)
icarus-daq01 - for code development, on mezzanine
icarus-daq02 - hosts a WR SPEC/DIO card, on mezzanine
NI crate - hosts a WR SPEXI/DIO card, temporarily on ground floor

ica-crtb01 - used by the CRT group, on pit floor

sbnd-prod-crt01 - in CRT rack on mezzanine
sbnd-prod-crtevb - same

sbnd-daq32 - has two test FEBs connected for CRT DAQ development