Write files to SciSoft

  • Currently sbndcode, sbndutil and sbnd_data can be written to scisoft
  • You will need permission to copy files to SciSoft, this can be gained by submitting a service desk ticket.
  • You will need the scripts copyFromJenkins and copyToSciSoft which can be obtained here (

Copy sbndcode and sbndutil to SciSoft

  • Go to an empty directory on an sbndgpvm, I have a Jenkins directory in my data area and create a directory for each new version. (Like the releases/ directory I usually keep the last 6 builds).
  • Fetch results of Jenkins build using
    copyFromJenkins sbndcode-release-build
  • This will fetch the build artifacts (tarballs and manifests)
  • There should be one manifest for each binary flavour, and one tarball for each binary flavour of each ups product
  • Upload all files to scisoft
    copyToSciSoft *
  • The script decides where to copy files based on name and type, the naming conventions from Jenkins should not be changed as they are understood by the script.
  • The script will not overwrite an existing file with the same name.
  • To replace an existing file on, ssh in to and cd in to /nasroot/SciSoft. Changes can be made in this directory

Copy sbnd_data to SciSoft

  • sbnd_data is treated differently as it is not version controlled with git or built on Jenkins
  • After a new version is created and manually deployed on /grid/fermiapp and CVMFS it needs to be uploaded to SciSoft.
  • You should do the steps in this section from your personal account. Go to any scratch directory and make a tarball of the new sbnd_data version.
    cd < scratch >
    tar -cjf sbnd_data-< dot version >-noarch.tar.bz2 -C /grid/fermiapp/products/sbnd sbnd_data/< new version > sbnd_data/< new version >.version
  • It is important to follow the above naming convention exactly when making the tarball. Note that the version number embedded in the tarball name should be the "dot version" (underscores replaced by periods, and no initial "v"), e.g. 01.02.00.
  • It is a good idea to check the contents of the generated tarball.
    tar -tf *.bz2
  • Next, upload the tarball to scisoft using script copyToSciSoft.
    copyToSciSoft *.bz2
  • If you need to replace an existing tarball, you first need to log in to and delete the existing version from directory /nasroot/SciSoft/packages/sbnd_data.