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h1. Write files to CVMFS


Modifications to SBND area in CVMFS are performed interacting as user @cvmfssbnd@ on the server
A file @README@ in the home directory in there contains instructions that may be more up to date than these ones.

These are the suggested operations, optimised for "the less time in,, the better":

# get a Kerberos ticket as usual:<pre>kinit -R "${USER}@FNAL.GOV" || kinit "${USER}@FNAL.GOV"</pre> (this is just a trick so that it renews if available, otherwise it asks for a password and creates a new one)
# copy the files you want to store in CVMFS into (you need to [[Write files to CVMFS#Access-privileges|be authorised]]):<pre>scp sbnd_data-01.00.00-noarch.tar.bz2</pre></pre> will copy all the files (in this case, a single @sbnd_data-01.00.00-noarch.tar.bz2@) into the home directory of @cvmfssbnd@
# log in (you need to [[Write files to CVMFS#Access-privileges|be authorised]]):<pre>ssh</pre></pre>
# start the CVMFS update session:<pre>cvmfs_server transaction</pre>
# do what it takes to modify the CVMFS area at @/cvmfs/ copy files, move files, expand files, edit files...<pre>tar xvvf sbnd_data-01.00.00-noarch.tar.bz2 -C /cvmfs/</pre>
# close and "publish" the update wit a tag string and a message; **make sure you are not in the CVMFS directory**:<pre>cd
cvmfs_server publish -m "Published sbnd_data 1.0.0" -a 1.0</pre>
will create a new tag @1.0@, with a meaningful description. A tag can be also created after publication, with @cvmfs_server tag -m "Published sbnd_data 1.0.0" -a 1.0 (same effect as before). To see all tags, issue @cvmfs_server tag -l (@-l@ is optional).
# log out

You can try and check the directory @/cvmfs/ (and note that on GPVM the directory @/cvmfs/ might not show with a @ls /cvmfs@, but it will automatically appear the first time it is requested), but it takes some time for the CVMFS server to propagate the change to the world.

h2. Access privileges

A few SBND people are allowed to log as @cvmfssbnd@ on,, and they can add a few others.
As of December 2016, these people are:

| "Andrzej Szelc" |
| "Gianluca Petrillo" |
| "Corey Adams" |
| "Roxanne Guenette" |
| "Tom Brooks"

To add a user to the list, his/her Kerberos principal must be added to @.k5login@ file in the home directory of @cvmfssbnd@.