When a new LArSoft release is available and you want to develop against the new LArSoft release

(Stolen from dunetpc wiki)

  • Relogin into a sbndgpvm node, do the following
    source /grid/fermiapp/products/sbnd/
    setup larsoft vxx_yy_zz -q e14:prof #set up the latest larsoft release
    cd larsoft_mydev
    mrb newDev -p #this creates a new localProducts_XXXX directory using the new larsoft release and the existing srcs directory
    source localProducts_XXXX/setup  #make sure to use the new localProducts directory, it's better to delete the old directory
    cd srcs/sbndcode
    git checkout develop
    git pull
  • If you are working on a feature branch (ignore if you are working in develop branch):
    cd srcs/sbndcode
    git checkout develop
    git pull
    git checkout feature/<my feature branch>
    git merge develop
  • Update all other repositories if they exist in your srcs directory (e.g. larreco)
  • Make a clean build
    mrb z
    mrb i -j4 #rebuild