TITUS Event Display

TITUS is python-based event displays for many of the neutrino experiments at Fermilab. It is currently used by MicroBooNE, SBND and ICARUS.

How to Use the Pre-built Copy of TITUS on the SBND gpvms

Log in to any SBND gpvm machine that use SL7. Then:

source /sbnd/app/users/mdeltutt/static_evd/

That's it!

How to Run the Event Display

Once you have done the setup above, you can run TITUS by typing: -s /path/to/art-root-file.root

The flag -s means that it will use the SBND geometry. Use option -s3 on a file produced with 3 drift windows.

You can use this file as an example: -s3 /sbnd/data/users/mdeltutt/titus_evd_files/prodoverlay_corsika_cosmics_proton_genie_nu_spill_gsimple-configf-v1_tpc_flashreco.root

How to Use the Event Display

A demo is available here:

How to Build and Install your Copy of TITUS

TITUS requires gallery and sbndcode. You can obtain both pulling the ups products.

It also needs PyQt and pyqtgraph. You should be using python3. In python3, you can pip install pyqt pyqtgraph.


git clone
cd gallery-framework
source config/
make -j

cd UserDev/EventDisplay/
make -j

That's it!