Software distribution content

This page tries to keep track of the content of the two main software distribution UPS areas: FermiApp and CVMFS.
Of the two, CVMFS is the future, while FermiApp is slowly being chopped away.

The final goal is to have both areas deliver the same content.
The script, present in both areas, should take care of setting up the UPS area. It will prefer CVMFS if available.

20170913: This table is not complete (at all).

CVMFS FermiApp
/cvmfs/ /grid/fermiapp/products/sbnd
Software distribution content

LArSoft software stack

The "stack" is the complete suite of software distributed with a single LArSoft version. It includes art stack for that version, plus nutools and LArSoft specific products. LArSoft releases versions at a fast pace (roughly once per week).

The update is mostly automated by the standard pullProducts script provided by Fermilab SSI.

TODO: document/link how to pull it.