Running VST code on GPVMs

Starting from scratch

  1. Log on to sbndgpvm01/02/03
    ssh <uname>
  2. Go to your app directory
  3. Create a new directory and cd into it
    mkdir develop_vst
    cd develop_vst
  4. Set up the SBND environment
    source /grid/fermiapp/products/sbnd/
  5. Set up a new development area for larsoft version v06_73_00
    mrb newDev -v v06_73_00 -q e15:prof
    source localProducts_larsoft_v06_73_00_e15_prof/setup
  6. Fetch sbndcode using git
    cd srcs
    mrb g sbndcode
  7. Checkout the VST purity analysis branch
    cd sbndcode
    git checkout feature/tb_PurityVST
  8. Build the code
    mrb i -j4

Setting up and existing build

  1. On a gpvm set up the SBND environment
    source /grid/fermiapp/products/sbnd/
  2. Go to your development directory
  3. Set up the development environment
    source localProducts_larsoft_v06_73_00_e15_prof/setup

Simulating and viewing events

  • There is currently one file for generating single particle events called prodsingle_vst.fcl
  • It contains configuration parameters that can be edited to change the particle type, energy, position, direction, etc.
  • It lives in sbndcode/JobConfigurations
  • You generate events with the command
    lar -c prodsingle_vst.fcl -n <number of events> -o <name of output(.root) file>
  • It is best to do this in your data directory for small numbers of events or Dcache for large jobs
  • There is an event display available for viewing events.
    lar -c evd_vst.fcl -s <name of event file>
  • You will need to either ssh with X11 forwarding or use a VNC server to see the event display

Running the analysis code

  • The VST purity analysis code is run using pipeline_RawHit.fcl which lives in sbndcode/VSTAnalysis/fcl/pipeline_example/
    lar -c pipeline_RawHit.fcl -s <name of event file>
  • It calls the but the bulk of the analysis code is in
  • The purity code lives in