Project List

This page is a work in progress and I will fill this with more descriptions. If you are doing one of these projects or an alternative one please add information about it.

Here is a list of the projects for SBND. For pictures and references see this presentation.

Project Brief Description Person Affiliated
1) Noise Studies
2) Wiener to Gaussian noise filtering
3) Anode to cathode Track reconstruction
4) Calorimetry cross-check/calibration
5) Cosmic removal
6) Dirt event removal
7) Space Charge
8) PMT calibration/ LY determination
9) Beam gate timing
10) Michel Electron reconstruction
11) Electron drift velocity measurement
12) Cosmic ray spectrum
13) Rayleigh scattering
14) Measure diffusion in LAr
15) Affects of lifetime/noise/voltage on projects 14 and 16
16) CRT - TPC track matching Tom Brooks
17) Track stitching across TPCs Tom Brooks
18) PID separation Tom Brooks
19) Port shower-reco module to SBND Dom Barker
20) PMT electronics simulation
21) Getting NuWro working in SBND
22) Optimizing Algorithms
23) Track momentum determination Tom Brooks