Configuration of SBND jobs, services and algorithms


The guidelines for the location of the configuration within a repository are:

  • configuration of SBND algorithms are in the same directory as the algorithm.
    Example: the algorithm OpticalHitRecoSBND would have a opticalhitreco_sbnd.fcl FHiCL configuration file that provides one or more valuable configuration presets: then, opticalhitreco_sbnd.fcl would live in the same directory as OpticalHitRecoSBND.h/OpticalHitRecoSBND.cxx.
  • SBND-specific configuration of LArSoft services and algorithms should go in sbndcode/LArSoftConfigurations directory.
    Example: LArProperties is a core LArSoft service provider, and we use it directly. The SBND configuration is in sbndcode/LArSoftConfigurations/larproperties_sbnd.fcl. The SBND tuning of hit finder algorithms is in sbndcode/LArSoftConfigurations/hitfindermodules_sbnd.fcl.
  • bundles of presets are also in sbndcode/LArSoftConfigurations.
    Example: service bundles are in services_sbnd.fcl. Hit finder presets are collected in sbndcode/LArSoftConfigurations/hitfindermodules_sbnd.fcl.
  • complete job configurations go in sbndcode/JobConfigurations.
    Examples: prodsingle_sbnd.fcl and standard_reco_sbnd.fcl are in sbndcode/JobConfigurations.
SBND algorithms and services together with the source code of the algorithm/service provider
LArSoft/external algorithms and services source:sbndcode/LArSoftConfigurations
service configuration bundles source:sbndcode/LArSoftConfigurations
full job configurations source:sbndcode/JobConfigurations

Job configurations

Job configurations are being updated on demand: many of the configurations in source:sbndcode/JobConfigurations are not working yet.
Here a selection of the ones that are updated already:

prodsingle_sbnd.fcl generation + simulation test job to create and simulate single muons
prodsingle_sbnd_proj.fcl generation like prodsingle_sbnd.fcl, plus configuration for production-like grid environment
prodsingle_sbnd.fcl generation + simulation + reconstruction like prodsingle_sbnd.fcl, plus signal calibration
prod_eminus_0.1_0.9_sbnd.fcl generation production of single electrons in 0.1-0.9 GeV range
prodgenie_bnb_nu_cosmic_sbnd.fcl generation Booster neutrinos from GENIE plus cosmic rays
standard_g4_sbnd.fcl simulation propagation through matter (Geant4)
standard_detsim_sbnd.fcl simulation readout simulation
standard_reco_sbnd_basic.fcl reconstruction a single-path track/shower/optical reconstruction
anatree_sbnd.fcl analysis creates an analysis tree with the standard configuration
edv_sbnd.fcl event display SBND event display in LArSoft

Note that these can be still improved (some, vastly so).
For more information on each of them, check the documentation in the configuration files.

Service configurations

Some preset bundles are provided either as reference of for direct inclusion. The most used are:prefer
  • services_sbnd.fcl contains presets for jobs that do not perform simulation
  • simulationservices_sbnd.fcl contains presets for jobs that perform detector and/or readout simulation

For the details about their content, refer to the comments included in the files themselves.
It is preferable for your job to include the basic bundle, sbnd_basic_services or sbnd_core_services, and then bundles by area. For example, if your job needs access to the condition databases:

services: {
} # services

In this way, when the maintainers change the configuration needed to access the databases, your configuration does not need to be updated, but also you are loading the minimal set of services you need.

Algorithm/module configurations