SBND detector geometry

Detector description files are stored in GDML format in the sbndcode/Geometry/gdml directory.
The file name is sbnd_<PATCHLEVEL>.gdml (<PATCHLEVEL> is reported in the namesake column of the table below).

The "standard" configuration of SBND geometry is contained in the sbnd_geometry_services configuration bundle, and in particular in the sbnd_geo_source, in sbndcode/Geometry/geometry_sbnd.fcl file. The name of the GDML file loaded by LArSoft geometry is printed on the console when the Geometry service is initialised or updated.

A "no wires" version is present for each regular one, which has no TPC wires. This special file is not processed by LArSoft geometry but is intended to be used for Geant4 simulation, where the presence of wires has been shown to strongly slow down the simulation for little physics gain.

Versions prior to 1.0 are not documented here.

Series Variant Patch level Description Present in sbndcode Default in sbndcode
1 By Gustavo Valdiviesso
1.0 Two TPCs, with CRT, without overburden
v01_00 (bugged baseline: no CPA and APA) v06_46_00 to v06_47_00 v06_46_00 to v06_48_00
v01_00_01 baseline
1.1 v01_01 baseline + overburden v06_48_00_MCC to develop v06_48_00_MCC
1.2 v01_02 v01_01 + arapuca, light bars and foils v06_64_00 to develop
By Marina Reggiani-Guzzo
1.3 v01_03 v01_02 + semi-sphere PMTs model + 5 PMTs per APA window v08_13_00 v08_35_00 to v08_36_01
1.4 v01_04 v01_03 - bars + X-ARAPUCAs + field cage v08_36_01_1_MCP2_0 v08_36_01_1_MCP2_0