Deploying a release on fermigrid

  • The method requires the script pullProducts from
  • Log in to the sbnd account on sbndgpvm01
  • Set up the SBND UPS are (IMPORTANT: Otherwise all dependencies will be pulled)
    source /grid/fermiapp/products/sbnd/
  • Use the pullProducts script for each binary flavour that you want to install (NOTE: best to do this from a user directory as pullProducts copies the binary files and manifest to your current directory)
    pullProducts /grid/fermiapp/products/sbnd slf6 sbnd-05.12.01 e9 debug
    pullProducts /grid/fermiapp/products/sbnd slf6 sbnd-05.12.01 e9 prof
    pullProducts /grid/fermiapp/products/sbnd d14 sbnd-05.12.01 e9 debug
  • Alternatively, All supported flavours can be installed using (currently untested) sbnd-05.12.01