Deploying a release on CVMFS

  • Log in to a cvmfs server
  • Source content for the sbnd cvmfs repository will be visible in /cvmfs/
  • Check the last tag of the cvmfs repository
    cvmfs_server tag -l
  • Start a transaction
    cvmfs_server transaction
  • Update repository content using standard linux commands, simplest method is the rsync command
    rsync -r < user >< version >* /cvmfs/
    rsync -r < user >< version >* /cvmfs/
  • End transaction and publish updated content
    cvmfs_server publish -m "Published sbndcode < version > and sbndutil < version >" -a < new tag >
  • log out
  • When you initially log in, you only have read access. Starting and ending the update transaction involves dismounting and remounting the repository read/write or read only. You should not cd to any location in the repository when you start or end a transaction.