Computing services and resources for SBND experts

File Transfer Service

Note that this is not the CERN FTS service...

The status monitor is at:

SBND support group in ServiceNow

ServiceNow is the corporate tool Fermilab Computing Division uses to keep track of and organise the "service" work. We SBND users interact with it by opening tickets when we need something. Sometimes that something needs an action taken from SBND itself, and the "support group" is the target for those action requests. That means that a service desk ticket may at a certain point be reassigned to the "SBND support group", that is a group of people supposed to either know what to do (resolution), or to know and contact who knows what to do (triage).

The people in this group will receive e-mails with ServiceNow tickets assigned to the group, and are expected to take appropriate and appropriately prompt1 action. The action will be most often to forward the request to the appropriate SBND experts, to ensure that there is progress toward a resolution and to keep the ticket and its submitters updated.
The current members of SBND support group can be seen from ServiceNow (search for "SBND support" among "people and places"). To have new people added to the support group, a request must be opened with a ServiceNOW ticket (instructions at knowledge base item #0010719).

1 Try to read that out loud and fast.