Checking your Grid Status

Fifemon: Grafana/Kibana

  • Fifemon provides you with information about your current running jobs, how much space we have, why your jobs are being held. You need to enter your SERVICE password to access it.

  • I find Grafana and User batch details the most useful you can access by clicking on the graph ana button indicated
  • You can then place you user name in search bar. As you can see I've had several jobs start and some held within the last 24 hours. There is lists, efficiency details and loads of information so just freely click around for the info.

  • Kibana gives you specific information such as job locations. You can open specific cluster up from graphana and open Kibana for it.

  • "Jobsub"= helps you get information from a local command line e.g. gpvms. One you have setup sbnd you can run the jobsub command such as
jobsub_q --user=yourname 

which list the jobs you have currently running. Sometimes you have realised you jobs are incorrect and you might remove them here is a few examples:

jobsub_rm --user=yourusername
jobsub_rm --jobid=your jobid 
jobsub_rm --constraint '(JobStatus=?=5)&&(Owner=?="yourusername")' 

The first removes the all the job for with your username, second remove all jobs with a specific job id, the third removes all jobs that have been held by you.