Building a release on Jenkins



  • Log on to the Jenkins server.
  • Configure the build.
    • If only the version number has changed the fastest way is to go to the Build with Parameters tab and just bump the SBND parameter
    • This won't save the changes to the parameters.
    • If more than one parameter has changed then it's probably best to go the the Configure tab as this will save changes.
    • See the section at the end for more details on the configuration.
  • Hit Build at the bottom of the Build with Parameters tab.
  • You should then see a configuration matrix with flashing icons.
  • These will turn solid when the builds have finished, green for success and red for failure.
    • If all green then you can exit Jenkins and the Fermilab VPN as it's not needed for anything else.
    • If any are red you can find out why the build failed by clicking on the red icon, last build under the Permalinks heading and then Console Output.
    • Sometimes builds will fail due to temporary I/O issues on Jenkins so if you can't find an obvious reason for the failure, wait an hour and try building again.
    • If every build failed it's probably an issue with the configuration parameters.
    • You can rebuild just the failed builds by going to Matrix Reloaded.

Build configuration

  • Parameter descriptions:
    • SBND: release version number you used to tag the release
    • LARSOFT_QUAL: larsoft qualifiers for scientific linux < art version >:< compiler >, the larsoft release notes will inform you if either of these change.
    • QUAL: sbndcode compiler for scientific linux
    • LARSOFT_QUAL_MAC: larsoft qualifiers for OSX (not currently used)
    • QUAL_MAC: sbndcode compiler for OSX (not currently used)
  • We only make compiled binaries for SLF6 and SLF7, we used to do OSX builds too but nobody used them and the build time was very long.
  • If at some point in the future we need to add/drop builds the configuration matrix can be modified by checking the relevant labels under the Configuration Matrix tab.
  • Most experiments keep their Jenkins build scripts on larutils and just call it from the command section of the Build configuration tab.
  • I'm lazy and couldn't be bothered to request to push to larutils every time something needed to be changed so I copy pasted the script into the command section.
  • Sometimes this script needs to be altered so it's worth familiarising your self with it.