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h1. Wibtools

h2. Running DAQInterface

See instruction/documentation/etc. at the artdaq-daqinterface page:

To setup a develop area for sbndaq on your own account, follow these steps:
# Login to a machine on the desired DAQ cluster. For example: <pre>ssh <username></pre>
and then do: <pre> setup sbndaq v#_##_## -q e17:prof:s82</pre>
# Make sure you have the @sbndaq@ repository pulled down in your working area (for setting up a working area, see the [[Installation Instructions]])
# Setup the common sbndaq local products area: <pre> source localProducts_sbndaq_v#_##_##_e17_prof_s82/setup</pre>
# Setup the latest version of wibtools we are based: <pre> unsetup wibtools</pre>
and then do: <pre> setup wibtools v0_00_09 -q e17</pre>
# To check the latest version of sbndaq you can do:<pre> cd build_slf7.x86_64</pre><pre> build_slf7.x86_64</pre>
mrb i -j8</pre><pre> -j8</pre>
ups active</pre>
# Go to the sbndaq repository pulled down in your working area by going up one directory: <pre> cd ..</pre>
# To run the DAQInterface go to the correct directory:<pre> cd srcs/sbndaq/dab/DAQInterface</pre>
# Now you will need to edit the following files.
a) edit the known_boardreaders_list file<pre> emacs known_boardreaders_list</pre> Make sure that the wib101 is included there and put it under @localhost@.
b) edit the boot.txt file<pre> emacs boot.txt</pre> Put the EventBuilder1, DataLogger1 and Dispatcher1 in @localhost@ and comment out the two more EventBuilders and three more DataLoggers.
c) edit the MessageFacility.fcl file <pre> emacs MessageFacility.fcl</pre> and make sure that host is @localhost@. In the current git repository it is @sbnd-daq33-priv@.
d) edit the wib101.fcl file in the directory configs/standard <pre> emacs configs/standard/wib101.fcl</pre> and make sure that the WIB address is @sbnd-wib101@ and WIB metrics dim IDName is @wib101@
# At this point make sure that you are in the correct directory namely:<pre> srcs/sbndaq/dab/DAQInterface</pre>
# Edit the run file <pre> emacs run</pre> and set the daqcomponents by adding <pre> wib101</pre> in the code and commenting out the all the other @setdaqcomps@. This identifies which fickle file it will be using.
# At this point it is advisable to open up another terminal and login to the machine on the desired DAQ cluster. For example: <pre>ssh <username></pre> we do this because the build environment is different than the run environment. For future references the old terminal you have been using for steps 1-10 will be called the first window and the new terminal will be called the second window.
# In the second window go to the correct directory: <pre> cd <your_work_directory>/srcs/sbndaq/dab/DAQInterface</pre>
# In both windows, do:<pre> source ./</pre>
# In the second window introduce the DAQInterface: <pre> DAQInterface &</pre>You should get a message like <pre> DAQInterface in partition 3 launched and now in "stopped" state, listening on port 13000</pre>
# In the first window do: <pre> source ./run</pre> On running this command you should get a message in the first window like <pre>Nil
botting</pre> and in the second window you should get a message like <pre>Sun Jul 28 18:36:24 CDT 2019: BOOT transition underway </pre>
# After the process is complete, in the first window you will get a message like <pre> Killing DAQInterface listening on partition 3</pre> and it will hang up. We expect it to crash because we have not finished converting the wibtools. You can Control+C it. In the second window if you scroll up a little you will find a message like<pre>localhost:13100; try checking logfile</pre>

You can open up the logfile and check for error messages. Sometimes there will be a lot of informational messages and sometimes the crash will not be obvious. We will stop here for now and will update this wiki page after wibtools have been updated.