Running the PTB in Standalone Mode

The PTB is only set up to talk to sbnd-test02 for now:

1) ssh sbnd@sbnd-test02

2) Check if any of the standalone clients are running: netstat -avp |& grep 8992
(the PTB communicates with sbnd-test02 through port 8992).

If it is running then you will see something like:

bash-4.2$ netstat -avp |& grep 8992
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 16021/./standalone_
tcp 0 0 sbnd-ptbmk2-01:47412 ESTABLISHED 16021/./standalone_

If you get nothing from the netstat command then the board is not running.

3) If you need to run it, then check if a screen session is active: screen -ls
The screen session that I set up is called "standalone_ptb" but generally, it will have "ptb" in the name.

If a screen session is already running and is detached (i.e. someone else is not already using it):

4) screen -r ptb

The screen session should be sitting in the following directory: /home/nfs/sbnd/work.drivera/srcs/ptbreader/standalone_clients/ . It should be either running in which case you should see a scrolling printout of timestamps, it could also be in the stopped state in which case you would see the 4-option menu below, or it might not be running at all in which case you'll have to get it running again by running:
5) ./standalone_run -c test_configs/ptbmk2_v3.5.1.json -d sbnd-ptbmk2-01:8991

The standard, standalone_run script has a 4-option menu i.e.: 
1. Init
2. Start
3. Stop
4. Quit

6) if the board is sending triggers then you will see a scrolling printout of timestamps and trigger words, and if you want to stop it do: 3 and hit Enter otherwise skip this step.

7) Initialize the PTB before starting the run: Hit 1 then Enter (this will configure the registers in the PTB firmware)

8) Start the run: Hit 2 then Enter

If everything goes well you should get a scrolling printout of timestamps on the screen, otherwise, you will get an error, probably about the configuration in which case contact me <>
9) If you want to stop the run: hit 3 then Enter, but most likely you will want to leave it running so skip to step 10

10) Once done you can detach from the screen session (Ctrl-a + d)

When screen session is not running:

11) ssh sbnd@sbnd-test02
12) cd ~/work.drivera/srcs/
13) source (just need to set up root and boost 1.66)
14) cd ptbreader/standalone_clients/
15) ./standalone_run -c test_configs/ptbmk2_v3.5.1.json -d sbnd-ptbmk2-01:8991

The run menu will pop up: 
1. Init
2. Start
3. Stop
4. Quit

Once running, jump back to step 7) and go from there

Advanced operations:

A few standard configurations can be found in the test_configs subdirectory of the standalone_clients directory:
ptbmk2_v3.5.1_BNB_emulator_only.json - On-Spill BNB emulation triggers only
ptbmk2_v3.5.1_dab_fake_BNB_plus_10Hz_random_533ms_gate.json - On-Spill BNB emulation + 10Hz of Off-Spill randoms (very nearly periodic at this frequency and lower, more random at higher frequency)
ptbmk2_v3.5.1_dab_10Hz_random_full_gate.json - 10Hz of random triggers, and no BNB emulation/structure (very nearly periodic at this frequency and lower, more random at higher frequency)
various configurations with different frequencies for random_full_gate and dab_fake_BNB_XHz_random

Change the configuration:

If you have questions feel free to drop me an email or a message on the SBND slack (username: David Rivera). I have yet to fully document the configuration parameters, so only change the parameters that you are 100% sure about.

Make a copy of the original configuration (or most up to date/highest version number) in the test_configs directory:
*1. cd /home/nfs/sbnd/work.drivera/srcs/ptbreader/standalone_clients/test_configs/
*2. cp ptbmk2_v3.5.1.json <your_username_and_or_useful_description>_ptbmk2_v3.5.1.json
*3. cd -
*4. run the client and pass it the new configuration:
./standalone_run -c test_configs/<your_username_and_or_useful_description>_ptbmk2_v3.5.1.json -d sbnd-ptbmk2-01:8991