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h1. List of systems and components


h1. DAB Test Stand Cluster

sbn-daq01,02,03,04? (private-network hostnames have "-priv" appended)

h2. Annex Room 313

* sbnd-daq32 : NFS disk volume
** Has two extra NICs for CRT Bern box readout
* sbnd-daq33: CAENV1730 ("PMT") readout
** Contains one CAEN A3818 PCIe card
** Associated components: pmt01, pmt02, pmt03, pmt04
** With external triggers: pmtx01, pmtx02, pmtx03, pmtx04
* sbnd-daq34: ICARUS TPC readout
** Contains one CAEN A3818 PCIe card
* sbnd-test02 : Desktop and EPICS development
* sbnd-test01 : Desktop and access to private network

h1. SBN-FD (ICARUS) detector hall

The network is divided into three segments - Fermilab, DAQ, and DCS/management.
* Fermi - - SBN-FD-Public
* DAQ - - SBN-FD-DAQ-Private - Vlan 2048
* DCS - - SBN-FD-DCS-Private - Vlan 2041

Only two icarus servers at the SBN-FD building are accessible directly from the Fermilab public network - icarus-gateway01 and icarus-gateway02. You must login to one of these two computers to access the other computers on the SBN-FD network.

h2. Central Servers

* icarus-gateway01, icarus-gateway02 : Path into the ICARUS online computing cluster
** icarus-gateway01-dcs
** icarus-gateway02-dcs
* icarus-db01/02 : ICARUS online database and backup
** icarus-db01-daq
** icarus-db02-daq
* icarus-nfs01 - icarus-nfs01/02 : ICARUS general purpose file server and rsync backup
* icarus-nfs02 - main ICARUS general purpose file server

h2. Vertical Slice Test Stand

* icarus-vst01: TPC readout testing
* icarus-vst02: PMT readout testing
** vst02 has been rebooted three times in the last month. There is probably a hardware issue. 11-Nov-2019.

h2. TPC computer servers

* icarus-tpc01
* icarus-tpc02

h2. PMT computer servers

* icarus-pmt01

h2. CRT computer servers

* icarus-crt01
* icarus-crt02 is still at Wideband, to be moved to FD by the end of 2019 or beginning of 2020
* icarus-crt03-11 : OS installation ongoing (10/2019)

h2. Naming convention

All computer servers have a Fermilab network connection ( with dns name icarus-xxxyy.
The systems are divided by functionality. The values of xxx so far are.
* evb - event builder
* tpc - TPC readout, A3818 cards installed
* pmt - PMT readout, A3818 cards installed
* crt - CRT readout
* clk - Timing readout
* dcs - detector control system
* pdu - power distribution units
* ipmi - connections to management ports on the computer servers

h1. Wideband

* icarus-crt02