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Antoni Aduszkiewicz, 09/30/2019 11:41 AM

List of systems and components

DAB cluster

sbn-daq01,02,03,04? (private-network hostnames have "-priv" appended)

Annex Room 313

  • sbnd-daq32 : NFS disk volume
    • Has two extra NICs for CRT Bern box readout
  • sbnd-daq33: CAENV1730 ("PMT") readout
    • Contains one CAEN A3818 PCIe card
    • Associated components: pmt01, pmt02, pmt03, pmt04
    • With external triggers: pmtx01, pmtx02, pmtx03, pmtx04
  • sbnd-daq34: ICARUS TPC readout
    • Contains one CAEN A3818 PCIe card
  • sbnd-test02 : Desktop and EPICS development

Faraday Cage Room 209

  • sbnd-test01 : Desktop and access to private network

SBN-FD (ICARUS) detector hall

  • icarus-gateway01, icarus-gateway02 : Path into the ICARUS online computing cluster
    • private-network hostnames have "-dcs" appended
  • icarus-db01, icarus-db02 : ICARUS online database and backup
  • icarus-nfs01, icarus-nfs02 : ICARUS general purpose file server and rsync backup
  • icarus-vst01: ICARUS node for running artdaq configuration tools
    • private-network hostname is icarus-vst01-daq

  • icarus-crt02