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Angela Fava, 07/21/2019 04:17 PM

ICARUS Noise Measurement (Interim DAQ interface and online monitoring)

DAQ and online monitoring

The DAQ and online monitor environment have been set up in two tmux sessions. All you have to do is to access to the tmux sessions. If the tmux session is lost, you can find how to set it up at DAQ setup and Online monitor setup.

1. Open two terminals, and for each log in the icarus-gateway01 machine, and then the icarus-vst01 machine, with the icarus account.

ssh -Y
ssh -Y

2. At one terminal, attach the tmux session,

tmux a -t daq

This is for data taking.

3. At the other terminal, attach the tmux session for online monitor,

tmux a -t om

4. At the DAQ session, start data taking:


It will take a while to boot all the processes and to configure the readout boards. When everything is ready and a run starts, it will show "running."
You will see the output file location,
Info: DataLogger1 writes data files into /scratch/data

and the run number
Fri Jul 19 17:16:56 CDT 2019: START transition complete for run 27

on the screen. You can thereby find the output data files at
ls /scratch/data/data_dl1_run27_*

There should be 100 events in each file.

5. When a DAQ run starts, run the online monitoring process at the online monitor session,

lar -c dispatcher.fcl

Once the process starts, you can find the metrics at
Note that it takes a while to process the metrics. You can choose the metric from the list in Display Options.

6. The waveform displays can be found in the "Waveform" tab, or

7. Stop a run


It will also take a while to end a run. Also, the online monitor process should be stopped automatically. If it doesn't, you can do ctrl+c.

8. Detach the tmux session: ctrl+b then d

Set up DAQ from scratch

1. Open a tmux session

tmux new -s daq

2. Go to the DAQ interface directory

cd DAQ_Running_VST/srcs/sbndaq/sbn-fd/DAQInterface

3. Set up the environment

source ./

4. Check whether a DAQInterface instance already exists,


5. If so, kill it <number you saw from the list>

6. Launch a DAQInterface

DAQInterface &

Set up the online monitor from scratch

1. Open a tmux session

tmux new -s om

2. Go to the OM directory

cd /home/nfs/icarus/Online_monitoring/sbndqm_VST_July2019

3. Set up the environment

source /software/products/setup
setup mrb
source localProducts_sbndqm_v00_02_04_e17_prof_s83/setup

4. Run the online monitoring:

cd /home/nfs/icarus/Online_monitoring/sbndqm_VST_July2019/srcs/sbndqm/sbndqm/dqmAnalysis/TPC/fcl
lar -c decoder_and_analysisIcarusOnline_dispatcher.fcl 

5. In order to run online monitoring with old runs, edit the run number at /home/nfs/icarus/VST_Data/

lar -c decoder_and_analysisIcarusOnline.fcl