SBND Electrical Installation

(Under construction)

WIB-on-Wheels Crate Reception Tests

Mapping from WIBs to FEMs. Note that FEMs are counted from right to left, and that the DAQ1/2 output ports on the WIBs are swapped.

Lower WIB, DAQ2 --> FEMs 1-4 (slots 3-6)
Lower WIB, DAQ1 --> FEMs 5-8 (slots 7-10)
Upper WIB, DAQ2 --> FEMs 9-12 (slots 11-14)
Upper WIB, DAQ1 --> FEMs 13-16 (slots 15-18)

DAQ Digitization

An area has been set up to run digitization on the artROOT fragments from the DAQ (thanks, Gray Putnam!). To setup the area:
source /home/nfs/gputnam/sbndqm/

then to digitize an file, run:
lar -c daq_digits.fcl -s /path/to/fragments.root -o /path/to/output/digits.root

This will generate an artROOT file with the raw::RawDigit data product (one for every input channel).

ORC Documentation

TPC Readout Racks pORC:

PDS-DAQ, EVT, CRT-DAQ Server Racks pORC:

Useful links

Link to SBND TPC DAQ instructions:

Link to rack builds:

Rack power-up and commissioning procedures:

Rack Protection System (RPS) box testing:

Jack Fried's webpage containing firmware files:

Link to updating the firmware on the Magic Blue Box or WIB boards:

SBND elog: