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SBN Analysis Group

The SBN Analysis Group is responsible for all aspects of the combined, multi-detector physics analysis for sterile neutrino oscillation searches at SBN. Work in the group focuses on implementing a three detector simulation, building reconstruction and analysis tools within a common framework, and developing an end-to-end common analysis scheme in preparation for real data exploitation.

The conveners of the SBN-AG are:

SBN Analysis Working Groups

In addition to the main SBN Analysis Group, several analysis sub-groups are charged with handling important elements of SBN analysis development. The table below lists the working groups and contact information. All SBN collaborators are invited to participate in the efforts of the working groups.

Analysis Working Group Conveners Mailing List Meetings Wiki Page
SBN Analysis Group Daniele Gibin ()
Ornella Palamara ()
Fridays 9:30 AM, bi-weekly
DocDB agendas
Systematics and Oscillation Sensitivities Daniele Gibin ()
Costas Andreopoulos ()
Osc Page
Event Selection, Cosmic ID and Rejection Christian Farnese ()
Andrzej Szelc ()
Neutrino Event Generators Jarek Nowak ()
Marco Roda ()
MC Production
Dom Brailsford ()
Track Reconstruction in the TPC Tracy Usher ()
Jonathan Asaadi ()
Shower Reconstruction in the TPC Yun-Tse Tsai ()
Dom Brailsford ()
TPC Simulation and Calibration Filippo Varanini ()
Mike Mooney ()
CRT Simulation and Reconstruction
David Lorca ()
PDS Simulation and Reconstruction Alessandro Menegolli ()
Diego Garcia Gamez ()
Analysis Software
Andy Mastbaum ()

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