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Brendan Kiburg, 11/14/2016 12:38 PM

Saturday Morning Physics

This is a self-organized wiki for collecting information on tours and lectures for Saturday Morning Physics. All content has been provided by past and current tour guides. If you are a tour guide, please consider adding your notes to these pages!

Note that not all tours and lectures are provided every quarter.


Tour Name Contact
Wilson Hall (WH15) Roger Dixon <> (x2576), Erik Ramberg <> (x5731)
Accelerators (ACC) Roger Dixon <> (x2576), Erik Ramberg <> (x5731)
D0 Stefan Gruenendahl <> (x8760)
Grid Computing Center (GCC) Kenneth Schumacher <> (x4579)
Muon G-2 (MC1) Brendan Kiburg <> (217-721-3956), Dee Hahn () (x2354)
FAST Dan Broemmelsiek <> (x4124)
Technical Devision (Tech Div) Dave Harding <> (x2971), Lance Cooley <> (x6797)
SiDet Donna Kubik <> (x2101)
Nova Rick Tesarek <> (x8609)


Topic Contact
Introduction to Fermilab Roger Dixon <>
Cosmology Chris Stoughton <>
Accelerators Fernanda Garcia <>
Detectors Ron Lipton <>
Neutrinos Sowjanya Gollapinni <>
Quantum Mechanics Patrick Fox <>
Relativity Nick Gnedin <>
Energy & Climate Dan Hooper <>
Physics & Society Erik Ramberg <>