Saturday Morning Physics

This is a self-organized wiki for collecting information on tours and lectures for Saturday Morning Physics. All content has been provided by past and current tour guides. If you are a tour guide, please consider adding your notes to these pages!

Note that not all tours are provided every quarter.


Tour Name Contact Comments
Wilson Hall (WH15) Elliott McCrory <> (x4808)
Accelerators (ACC) Elliott McCrory <> (x4808)
D0 Stefan Gruenendahl <> (x8760), D0 Tour Coordinators <>
Grid Computing Center (GCC) Kenneth Schumacher <> (x4579)
Muon G-2 Brendan Kiburg <> (217-721-3956), Dee Hahn () (x2354) Not used from Spring 2017
FAST Dan Broemmelsiek <> (x4124) Not used in Fall 2017
Technical Division (Tech Div) Dave Harding <> (x2971), Lance Cooley <> (x6797) Now two tours: Magnets and SRF
SiDET Donna Kubik <> (x2101)
NOvA Rick Tesarek <> (x8609)
Neutrino Minerba Betancourt <> (x2382)


The lecture schedule and past slides are kept at

Historical information can be seen (inside Fermilab only)

Phone list

In case problems come up, particularly regarding the organization of buses, use the phone list below to call other SMP organizers who are present.

Name Number
Adam Anderson 503-380-0689
Rosa Foote 815-483-5689
Ting Li 979-597-9916
Elliott McCrory 630-605-5506
Javier Duarte 646-287-5051
Sowjanya Gollapinni 313-525-7182
Kirsty Duffy 331-701-8528