Preliminary task list (Igor mail of 8/5/2016):

  1. Deploy prototype stage 0
    1. Allocate 4 VMs in the Fermicloud (Steve Timm, 1hour)
    2. Deploy 2 FTS instances (Igor Mandrichenko, Mike Diesburg, 3 hours)
    3. Deploy XRootd server to emulate EOS instance (Igor Mandrichenko, 2 hours)
    4. Deploy SAM (Igor Mandrichenko, 4 hours)
      1. Create SAM database (done)
      2. Deploy SAM Station, SAM Web server, etc
  2. Run prototype stage 0
    1. Define naming conventions, metadata structure
    2. Make FTS, SAM and XRootd work together to simulate the chain: DAQ->EOS->CASTOR, FNAL
    3. Figure out how to interact with CASTOR
    4. Add the EOS->CASTOR chain
    5. Add FNAL dCache emulator to the chain
    6. Test the functionality and performance
  3. Make changes in SAM, if necessary:
    1. Integrate FTS with CASTOR - not known
    2. Integrate FTS with EOS, which is XRootd server - probably trivial
    3. Investigate the necessity to hold information about large number of files in FTS memory
    4. Add missing features to FTS, SAM